"Dreams are the touchstones of our characters" -David Thoreau

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Autumn Colors

Greetings!                          (Click on pictures for slideshow)

The week has passed by fairly quickly as Johan and I got out a few times climbing.  Earlier in the week we had a nice climbing session at Rollarit again and did some sport climbing.  Last Saturday we snuck out to Kvarnby for a short nice session.  I led this one trad route called Lepakkomies which was pretty fun but for some reason I got the shakes pretty bad.  I don't know what it was but the route felt fairly exposed.  We thought it would be funny sometime to make a video sometime of climbing shakes and play a nice Elvis track along with it.  Then we climbed two other fun routes and headed off home in good spirits after a fun short day out.  Thanks once again to Johan for the fun sessions and nice climbing!
Otherwise there has been more home projects and a few training rides in the cool fall weather.  It seems like I have just been waiting for winter to come.  So much so that I have been dry tooling a bit in this one cave.  I made a short video here:   https://vimeo.com/75844248
I hope to complete the project this winter.  Otherwise we have had some nice walks in the ever changing trees outside with stunning colors.  I am ending this time with a goofy poem I wrote myself.  Enjoy and thanks for reading!  Stay tuned for updates!

Fall Colors brings a cool breeze
with light fading on the seas
as winter aproaches
with a frosty tease

The geese collect on the beach
looking out to sea like it is out of reach
they contemplate 
as they plan their journey on woods of beech

As ever there seems to be a hustle
as the squirrels bustle
to collect every last morsel
as the leaves rustle

The colors are so vibrant
that every twig has a bright quadrant
and the pumpikns 
are so glamorous like a bright Rembrant

Fall in it's gloriousness seems to try
and defy
the onset of darkness
so much so that it seems like it tries to be sly

Can't wait for the winter season to begin
as the cool breeze sets in
so enjoy Nature's colors 
before the season goes in the bin!