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Friday, June 7, 2013

A Week at the Summer Cottage and Climbing at Olhava

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Last week Annina and I headed for the summer cottage for a week since she had the week off from work.  It was really nice to come to the cottage for the first time since the snow had melted.  It seemed like a whole different world with the green shades, birds chirping, and the ever buzz of forest life.  We arrived and I decided to put in the dock for the spring which is always quite a chore.  It went in very smoothly and then we enjoyed a nice sauna and an amazing first night sunset.  We thought we were lucky but every evening the wind stopped as if turned off by a light switch.  It was amazing also that everyday it was sunny and we were treated to those wonderful calm sunsets painting the sky.
In between the calm sunny evenings we were treated with wonderfully warm breezy weather which kept the mosquitoes away.  It was very pleasant as I managed to pull for several days weeds from the field and the surrounding area.  The weeds that we have are very strong and very strange as they even manage to kill themselves eventually.  Since we have started picking them our blueberry bushes have really flourished and multiplied in vast numbers.  Makes for very nice picking and summer pies!  I also managed to cut a lot of the other tall weeds from the field in order so that we could actually use the field as a field.  We also cut a few of the dangerous dead trees near the field down which we copped up to use as firewood.
We also did some other spring chores such as scrubbing the sauna which wasn't the easiest of tasks.  It seems like the ants have been really invading this year and it was a week long battle to keep them out of the sauna.  We finally managed after a good scrubbing and spraying several times.  Annina also gave the outhouse a good cleaning which always makes it a bit nicer.  Besides that I started to replace the rotten step to the shed and I reinforced the slightly ajar door a bit so that it could actually close on its own.  It isn't perfect but it is certainly better!

One afternoon I snuck off for a quick bouldering session on the large island in the lake.  It was pretty awesome as there is this huge boulder in the middle of the island.  I cleaned two very nice technical problems which were pretty tough to work but was great fun!
Otherwise we just relaxed and really enjoyed the weather.  I tried valiantly but to no avail to fish.  I just couldn't manage to catch anything.  Despite this we made a very nice Rainbow Fish soup which turned out to be fantastic!  We also went rowing a few evenings and really had a great time!  When Friday of the week came we packed up and headed home.  It felt a bit strange to come back to town after it was so quiet at the cottage.  I wish in many ways we could just live at the cottage and live the simple life.
Saturday morning Annina headed off to Copenhagen for a quick visit while Johan and I headed to Olhava which is about 60km from the cottage to go climbing.  We finally arrived late in the afternoon on Saturday and found our way to the cliff.  We climbed the first line okay but it felt scary as the route felt insecure the whole way up.  The weather was melting hot so we called it a day and we headed down the winding dirt roads to the cottage.  We enjoyed a nice sauna and turned in relatively early so we could hit it hard again.  The next day we arrived to find the place buzzing with climbers almost resembling an indoor gym but outdoors.  Due to the crowds we decided to go to a part of the cliff which isn't climbed very much.  We met a very dirty route called 'Cowboy' which climbed straight from the lake and was very very dirty.  A bit frustrated we decided to go for a swim after quite an adventure.  We realized somehow by magic that all the other climbers had dissipated while we were swimming!  So we decided to climb one nice last popular route called 'Suuri Leikaus' which was very very nice.  
After we had climbed the route we walked the seemingly endless road back to the car.  We had a very nice scorching weekend and started to head home.  Overall the last week has been splendid and totally surreal especially with weather compared to Greece!  After a nice week of training on the bike there are two races this weekend!  It should be exciting!  Thanks again to Annina and Johan foe the great times!  Thanks for reading a stay tuned!



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