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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tampere Race Weekend


Thanks once again to all of our Sponsors, The Nurmi's, and for Tuomas for making this a great weekend for Team Velocitor.  This last weekend started with a Criterium in Tampere on Saturday called the Killin Kaivin GP on the Criterium National Calendar.  Only Kim and Roope represented our team but they did a very good job.  The course presented many twists and turns and a hard 180' corner just before the finish line.  I didn't see the race for myself but I heard that Kim did a very good job in the race and Roope sprinted to the win.   It is very good since there was only two of them and Roope seems to be on a sprinting streak.  Congrats to both of them and good work! 
Roope Podium  Photo By: Kim Mansner

Elite 60 min + 5 kierr    
1 Nurmi Roope Team Velocitor 1;06;21
2 Hietala Juhana CCH KTM Team  
3 Koski Olli Visillatalot-Continental  
4 Silfver Saku Kruunukatto-Rush Racing  
5 Pökälä Samuel TWD-Länken  
6 Puttonen Max Porvoon Akilles  
7 Järvinen Henri Visillatalot-Continental  
8 Niemi Jarkko Chebici-Isku  
9 Leppänen Petri K. Visillatalot-Continental  
10 Vilen Mika CycleCenterTeam  

20 Mansner  Kim Team Velocitor 1;07;34

The next day the whole team was represented as Marek has won the Fuji GP (Rosendahl) race three times in the past which is part of the National road calendar.  The  course was a very challenging 3.5km loop with about 1km of it uphill.  The hill is sort of split into three sections with false flats between and really saps the legs especially after 20 times.  On top of it the weather was a balmy 23'C and presented fantastic views from the finish line on top of the hill.  The race started off fairly calm and Kim and Kimmo were very active in the front.  It stayed pretty much together until about two thirds of the way through Marek, Samuel, and Tony took off.  Then behind another split of about 10 got away with Kimmo getting in this move.  Samuel and Marek were working very well together until Marek dropped off the pace with 2 laps to go.  Samuel went on to win the race while Marek hung on and powered to third.  The chase group splintered and Kimmo came in a strong 6th place which was also very good.  This race for me has never been a good one in the past and I tried to just get to the finish.  We all finished and despite not winning the race we put a strong performance in.  It was another good day to finish off the weekend.  A big thanks to the Nurmi's for again helping out as they helped with everything and were standing smiling with cold coca-colas at the finish.  Also in the woman's race Jutta managed a very fine 5th place which was also another good result for the team!
Fuji GP Podium  Photo By: TWD-Länken
Elite 70 km

1 Pökälä Samuel TWD-Länken 1;46;21
2 Stoor Tony NCK 1;46;54
3 Salermo Marek Team Velocitor 1;47;38
4 Torpo Timo CCH KTM Team 1;47;59
5 Leppänen Petri K. Visillatalot-Continental 1;48;02
6 Kananen Kimmo Team Velocitor 1;48;30
7 Koski Olli Visillatalot-Continental
8 Hietala Juhana CCH KTM Team
9 Meriläinen  Niko Porvoon Akilles 1;48;35
10 Järvinen Henri Visillatalot-Continental 1;48;42

28 Fingerson Eärendel Team Velocitor 1;49;04
42 Mansner Kim  Team Velocitor 1;51;23
43 Nurmi Roope Team Velocitor


1 Savolainen Sini CCH Racing Woman Team
2 Kansikas Jasmin Team Medilaser/P-P
3 Väinölä Kirsi Team Probike
4 Sten Emma Focus Ladies/IK-32
5 Nieminen Jutta Team Velocitor
It was a great weekend and hopefully we can continue our good team success!  Thanks for reading and stay tuned for updates!

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