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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Climbing Adventures and Some Sun!

Greetings!                  (Click on pictures for slideshow)

These last two weeks seem to have skated by really quick.  Between the training on the bike I have been getting out quite a bit bouldering.  I have found a few new places which are pretty nice as it is always fun to be the first person to climb new routes.  The best part is that you are always the only climber there or then with your friend.  Thanks to Jody for lending his crash pad to me as now I am able to attempt higher problems with a bit more safety.  Johan and I have gone out climbing quite a bit now as we are training for a trip to Olhava as there will be no races in two weeks.  We have visited Rollarit and led some of my favorite routes there to get used to leading on rock again.  One such route which is my absolute favorite is Spiderman.  It has everything with pretty interesting moves, jams, and dynos.  It also has quite a scare factor although it is very safe.  Feels great to be out on the rock and can't wait for my first Olhava trip!
Shark Fin 6a+ Photo By: Johan Grönroos
On another funny note the snakes have been out like crazy!  I have run into 5 this spring and one on the bike!  It is very unusual as I usually only see one or two snakes a year.  Pretty crazy and even one of my friends had one fly out of the sky next to him!  I guess they must be desperate for sun after the long winter!  Also there was an eclipse of the moon awhile back which I tried to capture but I couldn't really see it.  In any case it may be the last time that it is so dark for awhile since now the daylight is so long!
Last Saturday was also our first wedding anniversary!  It is amazing how fast time flies by and how everything is going.  We have some very exciting times ahead of us and there will be lots of fun things in the future!  On our wedding Anniversary a guy came to renovate our sauna with this beautiful dark wood which is amazing!  Then we decided to go for a walk and the neighborhood had arranged this 'Sun Walk' through our local nature preserve Uutela.  It was fantastic and was really fun to see all the things they had set up.  They we returned home and had a very nice meal and sauna.  A perfect relaxing day thanks to my wonderful wife!
Otherwise Annina and I have really been enjoying the weather and have been able to soak up some sun rays on the rocks next to the sea.  It has been really nice.  On Friday we head to the summer cottage for a week since Annina has a week holiday.  Can't wait although there will be quite a lot of spring work to do!  Overall it seems like summer has finally arrived!  Thanks for reading and stay tuned for updates! =)

Photo By: Johan Grönroos

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