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Friday, May 3, 2013

A Race, Vappu, and a Cruise to Stockholm

Greetings!                        (Click on pictures for slideshow)

Our new team page is now updated here.
Last weekend was the AHH Stage Race in Rihimäki. Unfortunately I have no pictures of our riders from the race... Only pictures from Vappu and Stockholm.  Thanks again for all of our team sponsors!  On Saturday the weather was cold and drizzly as the 2km prologue started off. The prologue was a straight drag with the last 500meters going up this hill. Marek powered away to get 2nd and Kimmo and Kim also did a very good time. As for me I was clear at the back of the field with a pretty slow time and I felt terrible. It was really great that we had 3 guys in the top 10 for the prologue though!

1     Rissanen Jarmo     KuSo                        03:21,14
2     Salermo Marek     Team Velocitor          03:27,08
3     Mattsson Petter     NCK / Rose             03:29,18
4     Torpo Lasse          CCH                         03:31,92
5     Kananen Kimmo   Team Velocitor          03:32,21
6     Kuuranne Jori-Pekka CCH                     03:32,32
7     Järvinen Timo        Lahden Pyöräilijät     03:33,51
8     Onnela Hannu       V.CONTINENTAL    03:34,08
9     Mansner Kim        Team Velocitor           03:34,53
57   Fingerson Eärendel Team Velocitor         04:00,32

Later in the afternoon we had a short 65km road race. The weather had gotten slightly warmer and we were ready to go. Kimmo and I were very active in the front and contributed to pull back an early break. I was almost getting shelled every time we hit the hill that came every lap but then I managed to recover and go back to the front. Our plan was to have a lead out train but it didn't quite work out that way. Kim managed to get away just at the end of the race. Victory was almost in his grasp but a late charge from the field closed the gap dramatically. I was trying to keep Kimmo and Marek in the front which in the end worked out. A few riders jumped and then Marek started a superman sprint from about 500meters out. He just powered away and at the last second passed Kim and we got the victory! A really great result and day out! Seems like my form is slowly coming around. The average speed was about 41kph. Then with the time bonus Marek was leading the race!
1     Salermo Marek                Team Velocitor     1:24:28
2     Silfver Saku    Kruunukatto-Rush Racing     1:24:28
3     Pusa Tero                 Kouvolan Pyöräilijät     1:24:28
4     Toppari Jaakko                    NCK / Rose      1:24:28
5     Kuuranne Jori-PekkaCycle Club Helsinki     1:24:28
6     Eklund Erik               Cycle Club Helsinki     1:24:28
7     Laanterä KalleKruunukatto-Rush Racing     1:24:28
8     Siukola Lauri                                 HyPy      1:24:28
9     Lehtimäki Toni            VCONTINENTAL     1:24:28
10     Mattila Sami         Team Velo Cycling ry     1:24:28
18     Kananen Kimmo            Team Velocitor     1:24:28
45     Fingerson Eärendel         Team Velocitor     1:24:28
48     Mansner Kim                 Team Velocitor     1:24:28

I had to leave to Sweden the next day but the guys had a pretty rough day as many riders were riding against them. A early break of 5 got away and Kimmo and Marek came tantalizing close to bridging but didn't manage. In the end they finished in the main pack. Still though Marek ended up 5th overall which is also very respectable!  It was a pretty successful weekend for our team and looks promising! 

1     Kejo Mikko                       Kruunukatto-Rush Racing     2:19:52
2     Onnela Hannu         VISILLATALOT-CONTINENTAL     2:19:52
3     Koski Olli                VISILLATALOT-CONTINENTAL     2:19:52
4     Kuuranne Jori-Pekka                 Cycle Club Helsinki     2:19:52
5     Nummikko Jussi                            Lahden Pyöräilijät     2:20:54
6     Silfver Saku                      Kruunukatto-Rush Racing     2:20:58
7     Nieminen Tommi                                              IK-32      2:21:00
8     Leppänen Petri.      VISILLATALOT-CONTINENTAL     2:21:00
9     Häkkinen Timo                  Kruunukatto-Rush Racing     2:21:00
10     Lahti Juho                                  Cycle Club Helsinki     2:21:00
35    Kim Mansner                                       Team Velocitor   2:21:00
40    Kimmo Kananen                                  Team Velocitor   2:21:00
49    Marek Salermo                                    Team Velocitor   2:21:00

 1     Kuuranne Jori-Pekka     Cycle Club Helsinki
 3     Kejo Mikko     Kruunukatto-Rush Racing
 5     Marek Salermo       Team Velocitor  
11     Kimmo Kaananen  Team Velocitor
13     Kim Mansner         Team Velocitor
While they were racing Annina and I headed on the boat to Stockholm. We had been planning this trip for quite some time and it coincided with each other.  We really enjoyed ourselves as we went to the Sauna on the boat and just relaxed and ate good food. We were really lucky with the weather in Stockholm as it was sunny but brisk. We did a bit of shopping and some looking around. Then on the way back we had this wonderful roast duck which was awesome! Overall two nights on the boat was very nice as there was an Irish theme at the time which was also very amusing. A really pleasant cruise.
Then as the week resumed after the cruise I got some good training in. The one training ride with Marek on Vappu was pretty tough. He actually dropped me at one point! I don't know what really happened but I all of a sudden imploded...Also Marek is going pretty quick at the moment!  Thanks again to Marek though we had a really nice training ride. Afterward we had a nice Vappu picnic at home on the beach with Annina. It was again fantastic sunny but brisk weather.

Then to finish off the week I ended up finding a new bouldering place close to home! Awesome as it is always nice to make first ascents and have a quiet place to climb for yourself! =)

It sure has been a busy week! Tomorrow we head to Pori for another small stage race! I hope it goes well! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for updates!

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