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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

20. Satakunnan Ajot, Stage Race 4.-5.5.2013

Greetings!                              (Click on pictures for slideshow)
Team Velocitor  Photo By: Jari Birling
This last weekend we had another race near Pori which was a two day stage race.  First of all I would like to thank all of our sponsors  and Tuomas for everything they have provided.  I would also like to give a big thanks to Roope's father for being such a good team helper and always having a big smile on his face.  We couldn't have done it without him.  Saturday morning started off with a short 1.7km prologue.  The course was pretty flat until about 500meters to go with a small rise and then a false flat to the finish.  With a small drizzle in the air we took off each at our own times.  I felt terrible again and I felt like I was going very slow which I was.  Marek and Kimmo managed to put in respectable times while Roope and Kim managed to keep a fighting distance with their times.  Samuel Pökälä TWD motored to the win.


1 Pökälä Samuel TWD-Länken 02:25,5
2 Saarinen Juho Lahden Pyöräilijät 02:27,3
3 Rissanen Jarmo KuSo Team Scorpion 02:29,3
4 Järvinen Henri Visillatalot-Continental 02:31,0
5 Salermo Marek Team Velocitor 02:31,5
6 Priha Matti Cycle Center Team 02:31,9
7 Kananen Kimmo Team Velocitor 02:33,8
8 Loukkola Joni Porin Pyörä-Karhut 02:34,3
9 Kahila Ilari TWD-Länken 02:35,0
9 Niemi Jarkko Chebici-Isku Team 02:35,0
9 Aaltio Risto TWD-Länken 02:35,0
15 Nurmi Roope (U23) Team Velocitor 02:36,8
19 Mansner Kim Team Velocitor 02:37,6
43 Fingerson Eärendel Team Velocitor 02:48,2

After some good food and some laughing we were ready to start the next stage a 96km road race.  The race which was 6 laps had two time bonuses on offer which we were going to try to get.  The first time bonus Roope managed to get 2nd place which was very good and he gained 2 seconds.  In the meanwhile we were all very active at the front getting in the moves and then or chasing.  The next time a time bonus came around we had the full team lead out.  It was really great and we did a pretty good lead out as Roope had no problem to get the time bonus.  The race continued like the until a few km's from the end.  Visalot Continental started their lead out train but we blasted past theirs with ours.  It was a great feeling although we may have started a little early but it still worked out as Roope sprinted to the win.  It was a great team day out as everyone contributed and did work and we won the race.  On top of it with the time bonuses now Roope was leading the overall.

M-elite 91 km
1 Nurmi Roope Team Velocitor 02:09:25
2 Järvinen Henri Visillatalot-Continental 02:09:25
3 Koski Olli Visillatalot-Continental 02:09:25
4 Pökälä Samuel TWD-Länken 02:09:25
5 Puttonen Max Porvoon Akilles 02:09:25
6 Lehtimäki Toni Visillatalot-Continental 02:09:25
7 Laukkala Mikko Turun Urheiluliitto 02:09:25
8 Leppänen Petri K Visillatalot-Continental 02:09:25
9 Arvo Tapio Turun Urheiluliitto 02:09:25
10 Vilen Mika Cycle Center Team 02:09:25
26 Mansner Kim Team Velocitor 02:09:25
29 Kananen Kimmo Team Velocitor 02:09:25
31 Salermo Marek Team Velocitor 02:09:25
51 Fingerson Eärendel Team Velocitor

After a relaxed evening we awoke to some very cold weather and light rain.  It was absolutely freezing!  The course was a pretty flat one that was five laps and 120km.  The race started off and Kimmo, Kim, and Marek doing a lot of work for Roope to keep the race together.  I was completely useless and disappointed in myself as I couldn't do much.  I was just freezing.  After three out of the five laps Marek and I turned it in and hoped for the best.  Luckily Roope had good legs and won the day even in a field sprint which earned him the overall victory.  Really great to see and it felt like a team victory as well!
Roope Sprinting to Victory   Photo By: Unknown

125 km
1 Nurmi Roope Team Velocitor 03:11:04
2 Järvinen Henri Visillatalot-Continental 03:11:04
3 Hämäläinen Teemu Kouvolan Pyöräilijät 03:11:04
4 Nurminen Janne Idrottsklubben -32 03:11:04
5 Arvo Tapio Turun Urheiluliitto 03:11:04
6 Hietala Juhana CCH KTM-Team 03:11:04
7 Toppari Jaakko N. Cykelklub/Rose 03:11:04
8 Puttonen Max Porvoon Akilles 03:11:04
9 Laukkala Mikko Turun Urheiluliitto 03:11:04
10 Pökälä Samuel TWD-Länken 03:11:04
33 Mansner Kim Team Velocitor 03:11:04
38 Kananen Kimmo Team Velocitor 03:14:00

1 Nurmi Roope Team Velocitor
2 Järvinen Henri Visillatalot-Continental
3 Pökälä Samuel TWD-Länken
12 Mansner Kim Team Velocitor
37 Kananen Kimmo Team Velocitor

Hopefully we can keep this kind of racing up!  If we can we should be able to win a lot of races!  This next weekend there are no races so we will be just training and then there will be some races in Tampere.  Thanks to all my teammates for a nice weekend!  Thanks for reading and stay tuned for updates!
Close Finish!    Photo By: Sininen Bussi
Roope on the podium  Photo By: Eärendel Fingerson

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