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Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter and a New Team Kit

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The last few weeks have been pretty rough but also at the same time very nice. Our Easter vacation started off with Annina and I heading to the summer cottage for a week. We arrived and the weather was fantastic for almost the entire week. Sunny and around freezing! We went skiing out on the lake everyday and then in the evening we made saunas and I went swimming in the ice. What a great feeling! Then I managed to clear the roofs from the cottages of snow which was quite a lot of work. 
Our week was sort of interrupted when we had to go visit the hospital in Heinola after we found out that I had shingles! :(
Not very fun but glad we caught the virus in good time so that I could treat it very quickly. We came back to the cottage but I had to skip the evening saunas although Annina continued on her own. Despite being quite sick and in pain we still managed to get out and do some outdoor activities. It was pretty nice as the neighbor even made a groomed track all the way around the lake! We were also quite lucky as our other neighbor and her family had plowed the road so we didn't have to ski all the way to the cottage.

For Easter dinner we cooked a nice lamb roast and enjoyed a nice evening. It turned out pretty good as we stuffed it full of garlic and some sprigs from outside. We also made a funny little Easter search for our Kinder eggs. It was pretty funny and I was greeted with a mini-Porsche while Annina got a little plastic seal! Before it was time to go home, I managed to fix the birdhouses so they had a nice place to go. Hopefully they will hold up for the summer. It was really unbelievable weather and a very nice Easter except for the fact that I was dreadfully sick with the shingles.
The past week or so I have been bed ridden at home just trying to recover from the virus. It seems that most of the virus is gone. I am a bit nervous as this weekend I have my first race on those funny two wheeled skinny tired things(road bikes) in Turku. I checked the start list and it seems like it will be a pretty hard race as there are 5 Estonian and 1 Latvian teams participating. The start list link is here:
Looks like it will be pretty tough especially since I have been bed ridden and haven't been in a real race in awhile. We also have gotten our new team kit this week which was nice. Thanks to Tuomas and our sponsors for everything! Now hopefully we can win some races as a team!
I have made 52 video clips from Easter so it will take me awhile to put together a film...I hope to get to it next week. I will also write a race report from the weekend! Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for updates! 

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