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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Turning Up The Volume

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About a week ago our team (Team Velocitor) embarked on it's first races of the season in Turku.  This is a slightly delayed report but last week has been a very busy week for me.  On Saturday the weather was atrocious but we were in a relaxed and excited mood.  The race was a circuit race that was a 4km lap that we did 20 times.  Every lap had this uphill that is a bit deceptive and makes the race pretty hard.  There was only three of us representing our team... Marek, Roope, and I.  The race in general stayed pretty much together and after about half way I got spit out the back.  Felt funny as it was only the second time I had been out on my road bike this year.  I got lapped some laps later and just hung in to get some training in.  I was marked as DNF.  Petri K. Leppänen got a slight gap in the end and won the race while Marek powered up the hill past a Latvian rider to get second.  It was a very good performance and a good way to start the season.
Freezing Podium  Photo By: Eärendel Fingerson
Simo Klimscheffskij´n muistokilpailu
1     Petri K. Leppänen     Visillatalot-Continental     1:49:59
2     Marek Salermo          VCR                              1:50:05
3     Kristofers Rācenājs    Alpha Baltic                   1:50:05
4     Matiss Preimanis        Alpha Baltic                   1:50:05
5     Janek Tombak             JTrattaklubi                    1:50:05
6     Ingus Eislers              Alpha Baltic                    1:50:05
7     Risto Aaltio                 TWL                              1:50:05
8     Mika Simola               TuUL                              1:50:05
9     Ville Heistman           CCT                               1:50:05
10     Juhana Hietala         CCH                              1:50:05
22     Roope Nurmi        VCR                               1:50:05

After getting all sorted out in the freezing weather we headed back to the Sokos hotel in Turku for a relaxing evening.  The next day the weather was slightly better but the course was full of snow melt and dirt.  The race was a 1.12km loop (50 laps)  in the city center that was a basic 4 corner criterium with some cobble stones in the corners.  This time we had the full team represented with Kimmo, Kim, Marek, Roope and I.  Kim was very active in the race and managed a small breakaway for a few laps.  Then Marek won a lap prize which was also very good.  The race stayed together and despite a few crashes it ended up in a field sprint.  Risto Altio won the race while Roope sprinted really well  to get 4th place while Marek rounded out in a respectable 8th place.  Overall It was a good day out and I managed to finish my first race of the season.  Both races the average speed was just under 40kph. 

Finish of the Criterium  Photo By:  Unknown
56. TS Kortteli
1     Risto Aaltio                       TWL     1:25:42
2     Matiss Preimanis   Alpha Baltic     1:25:42
3     Kristofers Rācenā Alpha Baltic     1:25:42
4     Roope Nurmi                  VCR     1:25:42
5     Sigvard Kukk      Spordipartner     1:25:42
6     Janek Tombak         Jtrattaklubi     1:25:42
7     Mika Simola                     TuUL     1:25:42
8     Marek Salermo               VCR     1:25:42
9     Henri Järvi                           VC     1:25:42
10     Juhana Hietala               CCH     1:25:42
38     Kim Mansner                 VCR     1:25:42
39     Kimmo Kananen           VCR     1:25:42
42     Eärendel Fingerson     VCR     1:25:42

It felt a bit rough for me as I felt like I was pedaling squares in both races and had a hard time following the accelerations.  Despite this my general condition felt pretty good, so hopefully in a few weeks I can get it turned around.  A special thanks to Tuomas for everything in the weekend and of course thanks to all of our sponsors.

This last weekend Marek and I held a mini training camp of our own and put some good miles in.  It was pretty fun and we lucked out with the weather.  Marek even put more miles than i did and thanks to him we had some great rides.  After some long rides it sort of felt like my legs are starting to slowly go in circles again!  Next weekend Is another race in Rihimäki!  Should be fun!  Thanks for reading and stay stuned for updates!
Muddy Face   Photo By: Tuomas Pernu

Three Stooges   Photo By: Tuomas Pernu

Cleaning the Muddy Bikes   Photo By: Tuomas Pernu
Crit Podium with 2 missing  Photo By: Tuomas Pernu
Muddy Team Velocitor   Photo By: Tuomas Pernu

Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter and a New Team Kit

Greetings!                                                                  (Click on pictures for slideshow)
The last few weeks have been pretty rough but also at the same time very nice. Our Easter vacation started off with Annina and I heading to the summer cottage for a week. We arrived and the weather was fantastic for almost the entire week. Sunny and around freezing! We went skiing out on the lake everyday and then in the evening we made saunas and I went swimming in the ice. What a great feeling! Then I managed to clear the roofs from the cottages of snow which was quite a lot of work. 
Our week was sort of interrupted when we had to go visit the hospital in Heinola after we found out that I had shingles! :(
Not very fun but glad we caught the virus in good time so that I could treat it very quickly. We came back to the cottage but I had to skip the evening saunas although Annina continued on her own. Despite being quite sick and in pain we still managed to get out and do some outdoor activities. It was pretty nice as the neighbor even made a groomed track all the way around the lake! We were also quite lucky as our other neighbor and her family had plowed the road so we didn't have to ski all the way to the cottage.

For Easter dinner we cooked a nice lamb roast and enjoyed a nice evening. It turned out pretty good as we stuffed it full of garlic and some sprigs from outside. We also made a funny little Easter search for our Kinder eggs. It was pretty funny and I was greeted with a mini-Porsche while Annina got a little plastic seal! Before it was time to go home, I managed to fix the birdhouses so they had a nice place to go. Hopefully they will hold up for the summer. It was really unbelievable weather and a very nice Easter except for the fact that I was dreadfully sick with the shingles.
The past week or so I have been bed ridden at home just trying to recover from the virus. It seems that most of the virus is gone. I am a bit nervous as this weekend I have my first race on those funny two wheeled skinny tired things(road bikes) in Turku. I checked the start list and it seems like it will be a pretty hard race as there are 5 Estonian and 1 Latvian teams participating. The start list link is here:
Looks like it will be pretty tough especially since I have been bed ridden and haven't been in a real race in awhile. We also have gotten our new team kit this week which was nice. Thanks to Tuomas and our sponsors for everything! Now hopefully we can win some races as a team!
I have made 52 video clips from Easter so it will take me awhile to put together a film...I hope to get to it next week. I will also write a race report from the weekend! Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for updates!