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Friday, March 15, 2013

Tour de Ice


The last two days have been days of touring on vertical and horizontal ice.  Two days ago I met Jody and we headed out for a quick ice climb to Vihti.  What started was marginal weather that soon turned to beautiful sunny weather.  It was very nice as we had to snowshoe across a lake to reach the small routes.  We did a quick easy warm up route and then I decided to try a pretty hard eliminate route.  We managed to get inside the cave inside the waterfall and I did a route which stemmed the water fall and the back of the cave.  I then smashed some icicles and swung out onto the pillar and finished up the route.  It was great fun and was a really nice route despite being short.  We then decided to head to this hanging pillar which was also pretty cool.  It was a bit tricky for the feet as the free hanging pillar was really narrow at the bottom.  Anyways I managed to lead it no problem.  Then we decided to finish up the day by top roping a mixed line.  The start was 3d overhanging problem which led to a frozen mossy groove.  It was something about M6 or so and we both managed on our first go without falling!  It would be nice to lead it sometime! =)  Then we decided to head out and came out of the cliffs shadow and was blinded by the sun on the way back to the car.  It was a fantastic day out thanks to Jody!

Yesterday I decided to go for a short ski between all of my applications and go out on the sea ice.  It was another brilliant day as i did a nice loop around Kalvik.  The sea ice is still very good and very solid in the bays.  The weather this week has been amazing!  I wish the winter would be like this all the time(Cold and sunny)!
I can't wait for the weekend as it should be nice weather again!  Next week Johan and I are hoping to get out flying our kites again.  Hopefully the weather cooperates and we manage to get one or two last sessions in! I also plan on doing the tour de Sippo in the beginning on the week sometime by skis.  Should also be fun!  Thanks for reading and stay tuned for updates! =)

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