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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sunny Skiing, Picnics, and a New Bike

I am writing this quick post about the last week and a half from the summer cottage on my phone. A week ago the weather was amazing so Annina and I headed out to sea for some wonderful skiing. The sea ice was still quite thick and we toured around the islands. The second day we decided to bring our little stove with us and have a nice little picnic. With a feeling of spring we layed in the cool sun and cooked up some potatoes and sausage. It was perfect and after awhile we decided to head home. It wS a very nice relaxing weekend and we really enjoyed the outing
 As the week started I did some very nice ski loops in Sibbo. The first loop I did was a very nice 30km loop that went winding through the hills and farms of central Sibbo. It was awesome and the groomed tracks were in good condition. The next day I decided to go on a longer 50km loop that went around the center of Sibbo. It was another fantastic day out and despite the wind the sun was bright and felt strong. Then a few days later we had the photoshoot for my new cycling team Team Velocitor. It was funny and good to see my teamates. I also recieved my new bike for the season which looks brilliant in all it's Italian splendor. I can't wait for the first race! :-)

 This last weekend was another fun relaxing weekend. On Saturday we met with Annina's brotjers family for a nice outing. We had a nice picnic in the forest by their house and played around on the sleds. Afterwards we had a nice sauna and had a very wonderful dinner that Elu prepared. It was a very nice relaxing day thanks to them. The next day Annina and I headed out again skiing out on the sea ice. We feel privledged to live so close to the sea that we can do that.
Spring is coming fast and I have decided to hang up my ice axes up for the season. Now I will concentrate on cycling and rock climbing. So far it is beautiful weather here at the cottage! Hopefully it continues! :-) We wish eveyone a happy easter and stay tuned for updates! Thanks for reading! :-)

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