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Friday, March 8, 2013

A Nice Training Day and the Bozemanator M6+


Yesterday I had a really nice training session and the weather was impeccable.  I rode my bike to Sipoo with the skis on my back flapping in the wind.  I then continued on in the long valley along a very nice ski trail.  It was pretty fun as it weaves in between all the farms and has some nice hills in it.  Then after a nice out and back, I headed home the same way with a big sun scorched smile on my face.  I couldn't believe the weather and the further I went the faster I was getting.  In the end I ended up doing about 4.5 hours of training which isn't too much, but still nice.  It was pretty awesome day out.  Next week I will try to do the 'Tour de Sipoo' by skis.  Should be fun!  

This last Tuesday evening Juppe and I headed out to do my climbing project in Sipoo. 
It was pretty intense but I managed the first ascent! =)  The route which is about 25m (82ft) high goes up a vertical thin smear of ice to some thicker ice and a overhanging mixed section at the top.  I did it protected with trad gear (cams and ice screws).  It was my first official attempt so I was pretty stoked.  Physically even though the route was steep it felt fine but it was a very hard route mentally.  There are many things that went wrong with the film.
1. I accidentally left the camera in manual focus....so it is slightly out of focus all the time.
2. We had a light malfunction where our big light stopped working properly
3. The camera turned off before I reached the top.  I was climbing very slow due to the bad ice so I had to be very careful.  I started climbing after about 8min... then the camera shut off at 29.30.  I edited out the parts where I was placing most of the gear.
4.  The bottom camera as a backup didn't work in the top section so you can't really see me finish up the route.  In hind sight I should have tried to re film the top section.  I will have to try a film it again next year as the conditions are getting worse there. 

In anycase I did the first ascent!  I named it 'Bozemanator' since it goes over a summer route named 'The Bozeman'.  I was thinking to give the route a M6 grade but I added the plus(+) since the top section was quite tricky and I had to do some one arm pull ups.  Thanks to Juppe for being patient and also helping out!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for updates!

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