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Monday, March 11, 2013

A Great Mixed Day Out


This weekend started very relaxed on Saturday by taking a stroll with Annina on the sea ice.  We also visited our local seaside cafe on the way home and enjoyed a nice homemade munkki (pastry).    It was amazing weather and we enjoyed the rest of the day just relaxing at home. 

Sunday morning I woke up pretty early and Johan and I went ice climbing.  The sun was again gleaming and the air was very tranquil and cold.  We went to this really nice cliff to have a look and found some amazing winter routes.  There are still a few more easy climbs to be had there.  First we did an awkward ice climb that could be protected with rock gear.  It was pretty fun.  Next we did this crazy mixed climb up a very steep face with these overhanging ice blobs placed every so often.  There was really marginal tool placements and it felt really scary even on top rope!  Next we decided to have a go at this easy looking crumbly chimney.  The bottom starts out on a thin ice fall that turns into some strange slightly overhanging dry tooling.  It felt okay but the roof at the top turned out to be very committing and a bit scary.  I didn't realized how overhanging the route was until I dropped some snow from the top to check.  I was pretty surprised.  We even had an audience for this climb as the local farmer and his family were out for a ski. 

We finished up and had a nice snowshoe out and really enjoyed ourselves as the weather was perfect.  On the drive home we were talking about summer climbing as we both were longing for the simplicity of the summer gear again.  Can't wait but I imagine it will be here sooner than I can imagine!

After I got home Annina and I jumped on our skis and went out onto the sea ice and skied to some local islands.  The sunset was amazing and it was really nice to get out skiing with her while the conditions were so perfect.  We returned wind chapped and with a big smiles on our faces as the day wound down and the weekend came to a close.  A great weekend thanks to Annina and Johan! =)
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for updates!

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