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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our Expedition to Norway


Today Hartmut and I leave on our journey north.  We will depart Kilpisjärvi on the 14th and come back on the 22nd.  During this time we will be out of cell phone range.  The map is approximately where we will be going and checking out during this time.  We plan on heading to Goldahytta for a few days and making some day trips.  We may head to Gappohytta for a night.  Otherwise we plan to head up the valley to the big lake, make camp, and make day trips from there.  we plan to come out the same way we went in.  It should be fun!
 This is a pic from the mass packing of the sled and all of our gear.  Craziness! =)
 Last weekend we went to Vierumäki for a nice skiing with Annina's dad.  It was awesome and was a very nice weekend.  We also had home made special pastries which in Finland are eaten once a year.  so good! =) 
Once we get back in range I will quickly update the blog so as not to worry anyone.  I hope everyone has a great time in the next week!  Thanks for reading and stay tuned for updates! =)

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