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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Climbing Progression and Some Cottage Fun!


The last month has been a very busy one as I have been trying to apply for jobs and also write a business plan.  In the meatime I have been climbing quite a bit between the work.  Mostly I have been having some good climbing adventures with Johan.  We have been exploring and cleaning new routes which hopefully someday other people will climb.  It has been great fun.

Overall my climbing has been increasing in the grades.  In the bouldering grade I sent my first 7a+ (Hanoi Rocks) this summer which is almost a grade higher than last years effort!  So I was pretty stoked when I managed to send the problem even though I did it a different way than most people.  A lot of people climbed the route statically but I couldn't manage to do it that way.  So after many tries I just tried to dyno(jump or long move) to the top and it worked out!  A little risky since I was alone without any pads but it seemed to work out fine.
Johan racking up
Me on Viimeinen Lintu 6B+

Me on Shell Super E3

A few weeks ago I went out climbing with Juppe and had one of my best days this year!  Firstly I led my first official E3 (about 5.11a) traditional(placing my own gear)  route called Shell Super at Rollarit.  I was pretty excited as its not the easiest route around.  Then afterwards I unexpectedly led my first sport 6C(5.11b) Esko Mäkelä ground up on-sight.  It was pretty cool as it just seemed to happen.  The bottom again was this gigantic dyno which seemed pretty easy and stuck it the first try.  Maybe dynoing in climbing is my thing?  Was pretty happy with the effort as my grade in rope climbing seems to be improving as well.  It was also a joy to go watch the Banff Film Festival in Helsinki.   It was great fun thanks to Juppe and there were some very inspiring videos.

Two weeks ago we had a couple friends(Paula and Nikolas) over to our summer cottage for the weekend.  It was great fun and we managed to find a lot of mushrooms.  Despite this we got attacked pretty bad by the moose flies.  After a trip on the boat to this island it took us nearly 2 hours to remove all the moose flies from all the clothes and hair.  It was quite a project and a bit funny as everyone was jumping around a boat for two hours.  Then we enjoyed the evenings giggling by the campfire after nice saunas.  It was a very nice relaxing weekend and despite fishing and almost catching a pike we didn't manage to catch anything.
Paula and Niklas
Annina with a lot of mushrooms
The mushroom gang

 A little over a week ago I had a funny adventure with kayaking in the sea... I will report soon!  Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned for updates! =)

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