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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Midsummer and Wetsuits


Last weekend Annina and I celebrated Mid Summer's at the summer cottage.  Normally most of her family come there for this weekend but they decided to do other things.  In the end it was just the two of us and a very nice relaxing midsummer.  
Midsummer Bonfire on the Island
On the midsummer eve the weather was fantastic for once!  Normally it always seems to rain on this day but somehow the weather was impeccable!  Just before midnight we headed to the middle of the lake and joined all the other boats from around the lake to light the big bonfire on the small island.  Despite a small hiccup in lighting the fire the blaze was beautiful with a fantastic sunset.  Then after some champagne and a short while we headed back to the cottage to make our own bonfire.  It was a perfect evening and so peaceful.
Mid-Night Sun
Leaving the bonfire
Midsummer Lunch
Midsummer bouquet
The next day I decided to try out my new wetsuit and jumped into the lake.  After a few minutes I noticed a Kuikka (Loon) close by.  So I decided to go swim near him.  They are pretty shy normally but I knew that somehow when I go swimming they just seem curious.  I was able to get very close to this majestic amazing bird.   He gave me quite a quizzical look but just continued fishing and would come back up near me.  It is quite amazing how huge these birds seem when you are very close.  Their head almost reminds me of a Dolphins.
Me and the Kuikka
After a wonderful swim we decided to take a nice boat trip all the way to the other end of the lake.  We were quite lucky with the weather as we heard in many places in Finland it was raining.  We finally arrived at the other end of the lake and at the head of the Lepsalanjoki, a small river.  We had never been there before but since we noticed the current was so slow we decided to go down the first part.  It was quite amazing especially since we found this strange crossed bug.  It was somehow half butterfly and half dragonfly.  It looked exactly like a dragonfly but flew like a butterfly and had quite big wings.  Almost looked like something from Avatar.
Crazy Butter/Dragonfly
After a short while we decided to head back and enjoyed the scenery on the way back.  We then just relaxed and did a few chores around the cottage before enjoying the sauna and swimming again.

The next day it was pouring and quite cold!  11'C (51'F) to be precise! In any case the two previous days made up for and it was one of the best midsummer's I have ever had.  We really enjoyed ourselves and felt lucky with the weather.  Although a pity Annina's family could not join us.

Yesterday Johan came over to my house and we walked down to the seashore and once again tested our wetsuits.  We went snorkeling in the hope of finding an area for big fish as we were scouting for places to go spearfishing.  We only saw two medium sized fish and in the end really only found an Aerobie.  Despite this it was great fun and was a nice evening.  Feels great  to live so close to the sea! =)

This next weekend we head to Oxford, England for Annina's cousins (Benni and Emma) wedding!  It should be fun as I have never been to England before besides the airport.  So it should be exciting!  Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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