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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Beginning of Summer and Our New House


The beginning of summer is finally here even though it is already mid-summers!  Time seems to have whizzed by lately as we have moved into our new home in Aurinkolahti.  We feel really lucky to have found a house which is so close to a nice beach and a nature area.  It is just absolutely fantastic.  Lately I have been toying around on my road race bike as well.  Feels pretty funny after such a long time.  Between climbing, playing kayak polo and applying for new jobs it seems that we are finally getting close to settling in at the new place.  This weekend we head to the summer cottage for mid-summers.  We hope it will be a good one!  I have included a picture story of the past few weeks below.  The first pictures are the area around our new house and the second part is our short trip to the summer cottage.
Our beach =)

Old coffee shop by our new house
Sitting on the rocks in the nature area overlooking the bay
Cool looking sea bird
The best bird ever! =)
...and again
Homemade sushi at the new house!
The new house still being unpacked.
Annina washing potatoes at the cottage
Nice sunset
Snake? (hehe only a stick!)
Awesome candle
Mystery beetle
Water skipper
Annina bird watching
Blue skies
Beautiful flower.
 There will be more soon after mid-summers!  Thanks for watching and reading!  Stay tuned for updates! =)

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