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Friday, May 25, 2012

Our Wedding and the Beginning of Summer


After another hiatus the last month has been quite a busy one!  Kind of crazy to think that in Easter we were skiing on thick lake ice!  Now the weather has warmed up enough that it is possible to wear shorts and a T-shirt! Also managed to cobble together a new mountain bike and have been riding a bit. Quite amazing and wonderful as the days are so long that it almost doesn't get dark!

This last Easter Annina and I headed to the cabin for a nice long weekend.  We had really nice weather again and played around outside all the days and had nice sauna's in the eve's.  Everyday we looked for the fresh wolf tracks around the cabin and did a little bit of tracking.  We also heard them a couple of times in the evening howling away.   Interesting as they must be new to the area.  I hope they manage to stay out of trouble!  Then Annina's family also came for a short visit with their skis.  It was one of the best Easters ever!

Then this last month has been quite chaotic!  With my current work contract ending and us moving in the beginning of June it has been pretty stressful.  Then we also had our engagement/ graduation party which was very fun.  It was really nice that a lot of our friends could come.  Thanks to all of our friends for their thoughtful gifts.  It was pretty relaxed and of course we had a nice sauna!
Photo by: Robert Örthen
Last week on Friday we had one of the most special days of our lives.  We got married and had a nice small ceremony with just Annina's parents.  We plan on having a bigger ceremony next summer but it was a very special day.  Big thanks to Annina's parents for everything as they made it that more special.  Wish my parents could have been there too but hopefully for the bigger ceremony!  We then had a nice seaside lunch and once again headed to the cottage for a mini honeymoon.  A day we will never forget!  The cottage again was fantastic but a bit funny as there was no more snow and ice.  There was just really long days instead.  It was a very beautiful and nice weekend
At midnight

Then last week I finally climbed one project at the special cliff I found in the forest.  I managed although I fumbled a bit at the top.   I named the route 'The Bozeman' as it seemed fitting.  The weather again was fantastic although the mosquitoes decided to wake up from their winter slumber.  You can watch the video of the first ascent here.  http://vimeo.com/42821359 Hope you enjoy and thanks Johan for a great day out!

 This weekend we have to really hustle and bustle and pack like heck as next week is kind of uncertain in many fronts except the fact that we know we are moving!  We are excited for the new place as it is 300m from the seaside beach, have our own little yard, and our own sauna.  Can't wait!  =)  In the next weeks once everything gets sorted out I am sure there will be more adventures!  Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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