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Friday, March 30, 2012

Our Spring Vacation and Engagement


About two weeks ago we had our spring holiday and stayed nine days at the summer cottage.  It was a very awesome special holiday and we were very lucky with the weather.  Everyday was filled with sunshine and around 0'C during the days so it was very beautiful.  When we first arrived we first cut a hole in the ice to enjoy the ice swimming while in the sauna.  Feels so good and refreshing to take a dip between the sessions.  Although we had to wait a day to start the sauna as to carefully heat the chimney so it didn't crack.  Every day besides the first we warmed the sauna every evening and enjoyed the Northern Lights.

Once we finally got settled and the place warmed up the first day we just enjoyed everyday doing some fun activity and most importantly relaxing.  We sort of lost track of time and what day it was as it was so awesome!  The only problem is that the nine days felt like two.  I guess we were having so much fun it just went by too fast.  The only intermission we had was a short jaunt to a local ski hill called Messilä.  It was great fun and we again lucked out with the weather and the ski hill was empty.  After a long day of skiing we went to visit Annina's dad and Iria at their second house in Sysmä. 

 We enjoyed some very fine wine and chatted the night away and had a nice sauna.  Thanks to them we had a very nice relaxing enjoyable evening.  The next day we headed back to the cottage for the rest of the time.  Again the days wizzed by with ice skating, skiing, sledding, kiting and just general relaxation.  It was fantastic.
The last day we were at the cottage was a very special one.  I worked up the courage on such a sunny warm day to ask Annina's hand in marriage.  It was a very special moment and she gladly accepted and we were both delighted.  It was a very fine way to end our vacation and a very special day for both of us.  It is a big step in our life as we plan a future together.  Today we head to Stockholm to also celebrate our three years together.  Should be a very nice cruise and can't wait as it has been a long time since I have been last on a cruise.  Next week I will compile a nice short video of our time at the summer cottage.

Thanks for reading and keep tuned! =)

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