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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Wintery Weekend at the Summer Cottage (Video)

Video Link:   http://vimeo.com/36332525  


Last weekend Annina and I headed to the summer cottage.  We were first lucky to get out of Helsinki since there was 200 cars that crashed on the road we were leaving on.  The weather was really bad but luckily the crashes were going the other direction.  It was a powerful scene and almost apocalyptic.  Luckily there was no fatalities.  After getting about 30km inland we were greeted with bright sunshine and almost no traffic.  It was hard to imagine the carnage behind us.

We arrived at the cottage just before sundown and it was a balmy -25'C (-13'F).  We skied into the cottage which is a few kilometers and quickly started the electric heaters.  Unfortunately the chimney blocks were frozen in place so we were not able to start the fire.  So we closed off one room and jumped into the sleeping bag.  Soon though the room reached 25'C (77'F) and felt nice and toasty.

The next day we went for a small ski in the beautiful sunshine at -30'C (-22'F)!  It was great!  Then finally the chimney melted properly and we were able to have a fire and sauna.  Outside during the sauna was -30'C (-22'F) and inside the sauna was +85'C (185'F).  The temperature difference was huge!  The cold air was always rushing in through the bottom air vent. It made a ice ring inside the sauna even though it was so warm!  Pretty crazy!  In the middle of the night I checked the temperature and it was -36'C (-33'F)!  Pretty cold but we had a nice cozy eve.

The next day we awoke again to some beautiful weather.  Luckily when I went to check on the car it started up no problem!  Funny somehow as the car was built in Mexico!  =)  Once we packed up and closed up the place we were greeted with a beautiful sunset on the ski out.  A perfect ending to a perfect relaxing weekend! =)
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