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Monday, February 13, 2012

Vierumäki Skiing Weekend


Our skis on the porch
This weekend we went to Vierumäki with Annina's family to do a bit of skiing.  It was great fun and is always nice as it was the third year in a row we have come to the same house there.  So it almost feels a bit like home.  The skiing tracks were really well taken care of and I got a bit of track ski training in.   In the evenings we enjoyed nice dinners and sauna time.  It was fantastic and very relaxing. 

As for the skiing I focused mainly on power endurance to test my fitness level.  Despite logging a 10km time of 34min and 22.5km in 1h27min I realized my fitness is far from where it should be.  I managed to log almost 50km in the weekend which is 1/4 of what I was hoping to do.  I was sort of half considering trying to repeat my skiing trip across Scandinavia this spring but now i will have to wait until next year.  I need to be 110% for the next attempt so there is nothing to doubt.  It was fun to go classic ski cruising with Annina's family around the tracks also and just enjoy the Narnia look alike landscape.

Narnia Conditions
Annina's brother whom is a photographer by profession also made a photo shoot of me for his portfolio.  It will be fun to see how the pictures come out!
Overall the weekend was so wonderful!  Thanks to Annina's family for such a great time and can't wait until next year!  Thanks for reading and stay tuned for tomorrows ice climbing report!     

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