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Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter Adventures Start!


Yesterday my winter adventures really started.  It was a turbulent fall finishing up my school work and becoming an engineer.  I can finally relax and start having fun again!  =)  Last week we played hockey outside for the first time with my friends Johan and Denis.  It feels really good that winter has finally arrived after such a wet December.  Then besides ice bouldering next to my house there has been the regular practicing with the kite and playing floor hockey.

Yesterday Toby and I reluctantly headed out to Nuuksionpää to do some soggy ice climbing.  It felt a bit funny but Toby led the first WI3 line very well and I seconded it.  It felt really good and I felt surprisingly relaxed even though my crampon twisted off when I was rappelling.
Toby Leading a WI 3 Line
I led the next line a pretty easy groove up the left side of the wall.  Despite easy climbing it was very hard to place gear anywhere due to the thin ice.  In 25m(82ft) I managed to place 2 ice screws and one sling around a 1inch(3cm) thick tree.  Despite this it was very fun and I felt very confident.  I made a small video of my ascent here.
Lastly we both decided to top rope one more line before we turned into sponge bobs.  It was a nice WI4 but had a bit too thin of ice for a confident lead.  All in all it was great fun and even though we were both soaked we left with a good feeling.  Can't wait for the temp to dip which it should this weekend.
Me Climbing - Photo By: Toby Archer
Toby Archer testing a New Jacket
This weekend Annina and I will head to Himos to do some ski/snowboarding.  Hopefully I will be able to test my kite while I am there too.  Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the adventures from the weekend! =)

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