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Monday, July 4, 2011

Hot Day of Climbing


Last Tuesday Christian and I decided to head to Jaanankallio for probably his last day of climbing in Finland.  It was a balmy day as we weaved our way through the fields towards the crag.  The feelings felt a bit different than a month ago as the grass was very high and I was a bit nervous about stepping on a Black Adder.  Once we arrived to the bottom, we did the classic 'Rev it Up' (VS) route as it was Christian's first time to the area.  It was so hot as the rock radiated heat!  It was a bit funny to find more cams stuck where two others are for a total of 3 cams stuck in one place!  I wish I could have got them out as it would have been nice to add to my rack!  Anyways I decided that if I clipped into all 3 it would be pretty safe.  Then I easily finished out the route and belayed Christian up. 

Once we finished up that route we abseiled down with the belay devices getting a little hot for my comfort!  I was a bit worried they would melt the rope!  Christian then led his first real trad route called 'Supernova' (S),  a pretty easy one but still good.  Once he was at the top I came up behind to find most of the protection well placed but a few that would have not held any kind of fall.  I guess practice makes perfect.  Despite this he did very well on his first real lead.

Next we climbed a route called 'Invivta' (HVS) which is a run out crack.  I was leading and the start was really awkward and off balanced as I moved through the roof moves.  It was somehow pretty scary and this guy at the crag warned me that it was a 'crappy' route.  Once I moved through the crux I quickly realized what he meant.  The top was a big slab without much protection and mossy holds.  Pretty scary and I am sure I will never climb that route again. 

Then we were planning on climbing another easy trad route but someone decided to top rope as soon as I was ready to lead.  So we quickly changed spots and did this sport climb called Velli (F5).  It was pretty fun and short.  Then Christian climbed it once to get the quick-draws back and then headed back down to get our bags.  It was a bit funny raising our bags up the route almost like we were climbing a multi-pitch route!  Hehe.  The other people climbing there looked at us a bit strange but we managed okay and started to look for a place on top of the crag to Barbeque.  We quickly found a place and even a grill to make our food!  Fantastic!

Once we started up the grill with the wood we found nearby we reminisced about Christian's time in Finland.  Had some funny adventures and such.  We drank a beer and chatted the next few hours away while we grilled our food.  With fantastic food on the open fire and perfect weather it was pretty relaxing.  Also it was a bit funny to be soaking up sun rays at 10pm!  Then it was time to head home as we packed our bags and quickly abseiled down the cliff.  It was a fantastic day and a good way for Christian's last day of climbing in Finland to end.  In the end someday I probably will climb with him again someday.  A great day and pretty good climbing!  Thanks for reading and stayed tuned for more updates! =)

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