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Thursday, July 14, 2011

30th Birthday and a Day of Camping


Last Sunday I turned 30 and to be honest it feels a bit strange.  I am not sure where all those years have gone.  It feels like I still have so much to accomplish in life.  I hope I can manage to obtain all my dreams.  In any case at the last moment last Saturday we decided to head to the summer cottage.  We arrived quite late and Annina's relatives were already there.  We had a quick sauna and then called it a pretty early evening after some nice discussions.

The next day we kind of just relaxed the whole day inside as there was a bit of thunder and lightening.  It was kind of a close call as I went with the motor boat by myself to go check the island where we were thinking of camping.  Once I decided to come back of course the engine decided to keep dying.  Not to fun to be in the middle of the lake with thunderclouds rolling in and seeing lightening strikes in the distance.  Luckily I milked the engine back to the cottage but at a very agonizingly slow rate.  Once back it was a relief to be indoors and we snored the afternoon away.
Once we got the sauna going we went for a nice long sauna as the thunderclouds had passed.  It was gave us a beautiful dramatic view of the sky.  Once done with the sauna and a quick grill we hopped in the boat and headed to the island for the night with Annina.  Once we arrived since it was my birthday we uncorked some bubbly and pitched our camp.  We had a beautiful relaxing sunset and chatted the night away next to the campfire.  What a relaxing way to spend my birthday! =)

The next morning we awoke to a pretty hot stifling tent.  I slept like a log and then we packed up and left to find a little frog that wanted to come along! =)
 Once back to the cottage we agian slept the afternoon away and went swimming a few times ass the water was a balmy 25'C.  We also picked so many blueberries.  There were so many it would take many days to pick.  We picked until we couldn't anymore and then took it easy.  Fantastic weather and then we enjoyed a very long sauna before we headed home.
 It was a quick journey to the cottage but a very nice way to spend my birthday.  Still can't believe I am the big 3 - O!  When I look back at the last 30 years they have been interesting in many different ways and am looking forward to the next years as there are more adventures to be had!  Today again we will be heading to the summer cottage and I will try and work on my canoe mold.  Thanks to everyone for all the birthday greetings!  Especially Merja and Pekka for their very nice celebration at home! =) Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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