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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Long Weekend at the Summer Cottage and the Black Pearl


Last Wednesday we left for the summer cottage because on Thursday was a public holiday.  So we decided to spend that time until Sunday morning at the summer cottage.  The trip was somehow a bit stressful as straight from the start we had a boat tied to our roof!  I checked all the rules and regulations and it fit all of them due to its light weight.  Also there wasn't a back yet on the boat so it helped with the airflow.  Christian Stöhr, Simo, and Ville helped me winch the thing to the roof with these ratchet straps.  With four straps we managed to get it securely to the roof.  Once on the highway I didn't dare drive to fast and got some pretty funny looks.  The drive seemed to drag on longer than usual.  At some point we finally arrived safe and sound and the boat was still on the roof!

We were greeted by a beautiful sunset and started up the sauna right away.  With the sauna going it was time to unload the boat.  I had forgotten that maybe Annina could not lift part of the boat.  So I stood on the car doors seat and with a huge grunt flipped it off the roof with a huge crash.  I guess if it can survive that it can survive anything!  After a nice sauna we just peacefully relaxed the rest of the evening with a few beers.

The next morning Annina's dad and his wife showed up for one night.  It was nice to see him as we haven't seen him in awhile.  The first thing we had to do was to go back into town to get propane for the grill.  Seemed a bit silly at the time as we were still a bit sleepy but we managed fine.  Once back we started doing some chores.  One of the first things I seemed to end up doing was going back up in the tree to check why the seagulls have come back after I cut their branch down.  I decided that if there were eggs in their nest I wouldn't disturb them.  Once i finally manged to get to the top of the tree of course I found three eggs.  So they stayed in place in their nest.

Then one of the next things I did was to start laminating the back onto the boat.  After all it will not really float without the back!  I had the boat situated pretty far from the cabin so the fumes would not disturb everyone else.  It somehow went really well but it seemed like every time I laminated, my gloves melted within one minute.  Then I ended up trying to wash my hand with gasoline.  Thank goodness we went to the sauna everyday we were there to get really cleaned up!

The next day I decided to throw the boat into the water and see what happens.  It was probably a comical sight as I dragged the boat alone through the forest and field towards water.  Good thing it is pretty light!  Once I got to the shore I immediately threw it in the water and jumped in.  At first it seemed a bit wobbly but after all I was standing up!  Then I went to my knees and with one oar headed to the other dock.  I realized that the boats water line was only a few centimeters.  In that case it seemed extremely fast.  I pulled it on shore and decided to laminate a small keel and two small directional keels in the back.  This would make it way more stable and be able to accommodate the small motor

The lamination went really well again but once again my gloves were melting extremely fast with the resin.  A bit funny to laminate outside with all the bugs and dirt.
Now the boat is ready to be sealed up and painted.  After relaxing in the next days in the sun and going for a quick row in the old boat we decided to paint the boat black and name it Black Pearl due to it's unique design and character.  Should be fun once it is all painted up! =)  Can't wait to try it with a motor as well!  Then the last day we fixed the other dock as well which had some broken pieces and put it into the water.  It was such a fantastic long weekend and did not really want to come back to Helsinki!  Thought about staying there for the whole summer!
At midnight on the last evening
Once back in town Annina headed to work and I headed out climbing with Christian Pröhl and Arnaud.  We just went for a quick climb to Rollarit and I managed to lead some pretty easy trad routes but also successfully top rope a route called Jätkä which I lead last year... it is a sport climb rated 7a...which is the hardest for me this year and plan to lead it soon.  It was a fun day of climbing and then on the way out I quickly soloed a easy route.  Fun fun and really nice memories from the cottage.  Can't wait to get back to finish the boat!  Thanks for reading and stay tuned! =)

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