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Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Blog...

I finally got a blog up and running!  This week has been a whirlwind of running around in Nuuksio and completing a climbing project.   First of all the week started with Annina and I going out for a quick climb at Rollarit as she started her climbing season.  We did a few routes before the place was swarmed by other climbers on a beautiful day. 
Annina climbing Koff at Rollarit

Ther next day Christian and I decided to go bouldering at Taivaskallio.  We soon lost motivation due to the nice weather and decided to go for a nice cup of Joe' instead in the old part of Arabiakeskus.  It was fantastic weather and we enjoyed the sun a lot after a long winter without sun.

Rainbow over the dam at Arabiankeskus

The next day we headed out to Nuuksio and did a short 8km hike around the park.  The weather was fantastic and was nice to see that the forest was waking up after the winter.  The birds were out as was the sun and even though there was still snow the green grass was poking out.

Lake in Nuuksio

Now that the spring is here it seems like everyone has a big smile on their face.  The weather for the weekend is supposed to be nice so it will be interesting to spend the next 4 days at the summer cottage.  We are not sure of the conditions but the road still may be blocked with snow.  So it may be back to skiing but we will have to see!  Stay tuned for my easter report!  Have a happy easter weekend! =)

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  1. Hey there Eärendel,
    good to see a new blog on your adventures! Keep the spirit up and share your experiences!